Green tea

Green Tea Benefits Touch Cancer,
Diabetes and Heart Health.

 By Rob Poulos On November 20, 2012

While you may have heard how wonderful green tea is for you,
what you may not have heard are all the specific green tea benefits
there are in store for you. While green tea is the most loudly touted,
the benefits to your health also come from black and white tea, as
they attack the free radicals and hydrate the body. However, the
biggest benefits to your body seems to come from green tea, as it is
lacking the extensive processing the other teas go through, making
the antioxidants more concentrated.

As researchers continue to study this drink, more information is being uncovered about how potent green tea is, and how it can help us fight diseases. For many years, scientists have known it can be a great agent to combat cancer, but new research is being shown linking green tea to the prevention or slowing of prostate and breast cancers, too.

In recent research, men drinking green tea showed a smaller amount of tissue inflammation and smaller levels of PSA, a protein that in high levels are a pre-cursurser to prostate cancer, than those men who did not have any green tea. It’s true that more research is required for total certainty, but this new information gives more credence to link between green tea and longevity. In addition to helping prevent cancer, green tea offers other health benefits.

Heart Protection

Consumption of 2-3 cups of any type of tea a day have been shown to lower the risk of heart disease, however, green tea, in particular, appears to keep one’s heart arteries more flexible making them more efficient in dealing with fluctuations in one’s blood pressure. Flavonoids, another antioxidant found in green tea, also assist the endothelial cells in functioning correctly, preventing clogging of the arteries.

Fight Against Fat

Green tea is an obesity fighting agent that helps in weight loss and the prevention of weight gain, too. This makes it a great tool in the battle of the bulge. It is recommended that you drink five cups of green tea each day to help accelerate your body’s ability to burn fight. According to a study last year, mice put on weigh slower when they had green tea along side a higher fat eating plan.

Boosts Immunities

From lab studies, experts have summarized that green tea can help fight off viruses. One study in particular shows how green tea stopped a specific strain of a cold virus from multiplying. The credit is given to a boost in the amount of regulatory T Cells in one’s body, a good indicator of a strong immune system.

Improve The Aging Process

A recent study of 14,000 senior citizens over 65 years old looked at the ones who drank the greatest amount of green tea. It showed these people were able to cope with growing older better than those who drank smaller amounts. It focused on those who drank upwards of 5 cups a day, showing greater ease in daily functions like taking a bath or getting dressed. While researchers don’t know the exact role green tea is playing, it seems to help a person’s overall well-being.

Diabetes Prevention

Green tea along with it’s black tea side kick are both believed to have a hand in lowering blood sugar levels, warding off diabetes. In fact, a study in Japan back in 2006 showed that if adults would drink at least six cups of green tea each day, it would reduce a person’s chance of developing diabetes by one-third. Unfortunately, the other types of teas did not offer the same benefits.

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