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Question: Is Sushi Healthy for Weight Loss?
Here’s What to Avoid

 By Rob Poulos On June 25, 2013

With a total obesity rate of 3.2%–30% less than in the United
States–it’s safe to say the Japanese know how to stay fit.  Now
recommendations across the country say eating “Japanese” may
be the best way to slim down, but is Japanese cuisine really that
great?  Today we’ll explore Japanese’s most popular dish, sushi,
and if it’s actually a good idea for weight loss.

What is Sushi?

Most of us are familiar with sushi–but what exactly is it?  Well here’s the real scoop: Sushi is nothing more than cooked rice, called shari, combined with other edible ingredients, called neta.  This almost always include raw fish, although other accompaniments, such as avocado and cucumber, are common as well.  There are about as many types of sushi as there are fish; popular types include futomaki (rice and accompaniments wrapped in a nori sheet) and narezushi (a mound of rice topped with wasabi and ...

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Do Artificial Sweeteners CAUSE Flab?

 By Rob Poulos On September 24, 2012

Do Artificial Sweeteners CAUSE Flab? (You know, the chemical-sweeteners found in diet soft drinks and thousands of other “healthy foods.”)

Artificial sweeteners like Splenda (sucralose), NutraSweet (aspartame), Sunette (acesulfame K), and Sweet ‘N Low (saccharin) may have serious health consequences and may be causing you to GAIN weight, not lose it.

One University of Texas-San Antonio study linked increased consumption of artificially sweetened diet soda with obesity. (Most diet sodas contain aspartame; a few contain sucralose or other sweeteners.)

“On average, for each diet soft drink our participants drank per day, they were 65 percent more likely to become overweight during the next seven to eight years and 41 percent more likely to become obese,” said Sharon Fowler, MPH, faculty associate in the division of clinical epidemiology.

Also, in a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, researchers fed one group of rats a liquid sweetened with real sugar, and then fed another ...

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Caffeine Review – Can You Lose Weight With Caffeine?

 By Rob Poulos On May 29, 2012

One ingredient that is most likely to be found in a wide range of fat burning and weight loss supplements is caffeine. Because it acts as a stimulant it is added to these pills for that quick energy boost it gives. But does caffeine really help you lose weight?

Consuming caffeinated products to lose weight seems counterproductive when you consider what foods and drinks contain this substance—soda and chocolate to name a few. These foods and drinks are high in calories and sugar which makes it unlikely that they can help you lose weight, right?

So how can caffeine in a pill help you lose weight?

What You Should Know

Caffeine is a stimulant that targets the central nervous system and the heart, which is why it causes a short term spike in blood pressure. It gives you a short term boost in energy, generally followed by a huge decline in your energy level.

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The Best Way To Burn Fat That You’re Missing Out On: Sleep!

 By Rob Poulos On May 10, 2011

So many people out there who are looking to lose weight are constantly seeking information about the best way to burn fat.

They hunt down the top workout programs, the best foods to be eating, and the right supplements to use, making sure they have all their bases covered. Then they formulate a plan that they think will be the best way to burn fat and hope that results are soon to follow.

But, most of these people are forgetting about one of the most important ways to burn fat and this is holding them back from their goals.

So what’s this secret best way to burn fat that you missing out on?

Sleep. That’s right, how much you sleep at night will factor in to how fast you burn off body fat. Let’s give you the juicy details you need to know about this best way to burn fat.

Sleep And Hunger Control

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Fat Burning Cream - Should You Use This Supplement?

 By Rob Poulos On December 10, 2010

If you’re someone who is looking to see rapid fat loss, one product that you’ve definitely likely come across before is a fat burning cream.  There’s no question that after putting in the time and effort with your diet plan you’re interested in seeing the best possible results from your effort invested so if this cream can take you just a step further, isn’t it worth it?

Before you go out and purchase one of the fat burning creams on the market however, you will want to take some time to have a look at some important facts that you should come to realize about the creams so that you don’t wind up disappointed.

Let’s take a look at what you should know.

Creams And Calorie Intake

The very first connection that you should make is the fact that creams aren’t really going to do anything to cause the body to expend more ...

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4 Supermarket Slimming Secrets…

 By Rob Poulos On July 22, 2010

You’ll be excited to know about these 4 super fat blasting foods that are found in any supermarket almost anywhere in the world…


While most people are shopping ChocoPoofs and CheesyCurls, these little belly fat fighting foods are right in front of your nose!

But before we get to that, I just returned from a few days vacation up in northern Michigan and wanted to share an interesting picture with you…

The first pic is of my son Ryan and I in 2007 enjoying beautiful Lake Michigan… and the pic to the right is both of us over 3 years later, taken just last week…

I’m not showing you this to brag or anything (I do look pretty good, even though the lake effect winds are giving me a Kramer hairdo!), I wanted you to see what can really happen when you apply the right fat burning and ...

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The Most Important Element In Burning Fat: Your Lifestyle

 By Rob Poulos On May 11, 2007

A few years ago I had a pal who always struggled with his weight and would try just about every fad diet or latest exercise gimmick under the sun to remedy his troubles.  He was a low carber for a while.  Then he was doing Tae Bo when that was big.  Next he tried restricting other essential foods in the hope of burning off body fat.  And a few months later, he was back to the low carb routine, but this time almost no carbs.

You know the story…he would tell me he’d been losing weight on his new diet and was all excited about it.  Then a few weeks later when his body just couldn’t stand the restrictions and unusual eating habits, he’d be forced to go off that diet.

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