Fish Oil

The TRUTH About Fish Oil…

 By Rob Poulos...

You’ve probably already been told by leading nutrition experts how
vital Omega-3 EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) in living a healthy
lifestyle in a leaner body.

Yes, they help you melt the fat off too… 

…people who smartly consume healthy amounts of Omega-3s from food sources like seafood and flax have been observed to have reductions in body fat and increases in the ability to use stored carbohydrates as a fuel.

You might also know that since it’s difficult to consume the amount of Omega-3′s you need from food sources alone (there is an overabundance of Omega 6s, but not 3s), smarter folks stay on top of things by using quality fish oil supplements.

Heck, even your trusted doctor probably told you to do this!

So being the sharp guy or gal that you are, you’re most likely already taking fish oil right now…

… so you’re probably going to be surprised to learn that Kalen and I USED to take fish oil too, but not anymore!

Is there something wrong with fish oil?

Not really, but once you learn about the facts below you’re probably going to want to make the switch like we have…

See, I’m always combing my resources for the best of the best… staying on top of this kind of stuff is what I love to do for our family and our readers, so after learning about this new fish oil replacement from the head of research and development over at Prograde last year, Kalen and I have switched over to the far superior KRILL OIL (Krill is a tiny shrimp-like creature rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids)!

How Is Krill Better Than Fish Oil?

You may be wondering that Omega-3 from any source would have the same kind of positive effects on your health and wellbeing.

But you’d be wrong grasshopper!  Check it out…

It’s now suspected that other factors, such as the astaxanthin, phospholipids, and other vitamins and minerals unique to krill oil work synergistically with the omega-3s to produce more potent effects, which also means less is needed versus fish oil.  Very cool.

Another benefit of krill oil is… DRUM ROLL…


Seriously, you know those fish burps just sneak up on you when you lease expect them… yeecch… life is better with krill (and so is your breath!)

Here is just some of the research and evidence on why you need to switch to krill that is just too convincing to ignore and literally commands attention:

1. Boosts Heart Health…
In a double-blind trial, krill oil was compared to fish oil in men and women with high LDL and triglycerides (well-known risk factors for heart disease). For 90 days, these people either took 1-1.5g/day or 2-3g/day krill oil (depending on their body mass index), 3g of fish oil, or a placebo (sugar pill).

Even at its lowest dose (1-1.5 g/day), krill oil significantly lowered LDL cholesterol and increased HDL, compared to fish oil and placebo groups. At 2 g/day, krill also significantly lowered triglycerides, while the highest krill intake (3 g/day) did not produce any additional benefit. The fish oil lowered cholesterol only marginally and failed to lower triglycerides at all!

2. Safer than fish oil…
In order for krill to survive in the cold waters they reside, they carry a large amount of EPA and DHA (High levels of EPA and DHA in our cells is very beneficial for lowering our risk of diseases, preventing cancer, avoiding depression and correcting attention deficit disorders).

This unique feature, combined with a lack of toxic build-up makes them a safer alternative to fish oil.

3. Treats PMS…
Seventy women with diagnosed PMS were treated with either 2 grams of krill oil or fish oil for three months. Although both oils reduced abdominal discomfort and swelling, dose for dose, krill oil outperformed fish oil for minimizing joint pain, irritability, depression, stress and bloating.  The group receiving krill also took less pain medication during the premenstrual days than the fish oil group!

4. Reduces Inflammation…
In another recent study, 90 people with high CRP (a marker for inflammation) and either heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, were given 300 mg/day krill oil or a placebo. After just 7 days, krill oil significantly reduced CRP by 19% in all subjects compared to the placebo. Then, after 30 days, it was reduced by 30%!

Alright, by now you’re probably figuring out that Omega-3 EFAs containing EPA and DHA from marine sources like Krill, are one of your most potent elixirs for staying in top health…and in top shape.

So let’s sum up why pure Krill Oil demands your prompt attention, and why it has had mine and my family’s attention for the last year:

-Promotes fat loss through stabilization of blood sugar levels
-Improves heart health by reducing inflammation
-Decreases joint pain
and symptoms related to arthritis
-Regulates mood and provides relief of PMS symptoms
-Over 47 times the antioxidant power
of fish oil
-Almost forgot… no more fish burps!

NOTE: If you have/had or suspect an allergic reaction to any sort of seafood, shellfish, etc., of course you need to check with your doctor/allergist first, or avoid Krill altogether.


P.S. Sources for the studies quoted above can be found here

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